How to Make Your Workplace Entertaining and Productive

Are you looking for ways to make your workplace more fun? You value your employees and their time and devotion to their job. Rewarding them by providing a workplace that is fun and productive can motivate employees and help them enjoy what they do.

Celebrate Victories, Even the Small Ones

Give recognition to those who go out of their way to do something that will benefit the company. Acknowledging even the smallest of victories small victories can help employees feel their role matters and instantly boost their confidence and motivation.

Acknowledge Milestones and Special Occasion

A simple but powerful way to show your employees that you care is by congratulating them on milestones such as a work anniversary or a special occasion such as their birthday. If your employee recently tied the knot or welcomed a baby, sending a quick email congratulating them instantly makes them feel that you care and value them.

Company Parties

Show employees appreciation by throwing a company party. You can book reservations at a nearby restaurant or small venue. A company party is a chance to show employee appreciation. Your whole team can have fun and company parties inspire employees to interact with one another. Employees have a chance to let loose a little and get to know each other, which boosts their confidence and trust in each other.

An Office Break Room

Regular breaks throughout the work day are crucial to the productivity, health, and overall happiness of your employees. Actively encouraging employees to take small breaks during the work day gives employees a chance to unwind and recharge their mental batteries. Encourage breaks by providing a relaxing and fun area where employees can go to step out of the work zone. Add sofas and comfortable chairs, a small dining room table, television and/or radio, as well as games and activities like a custom arcade game machine and a pool table.


The Best Selling Arcade Machines of All Time

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly three decades past the golden age of arcade machines. While the current generation may laugh at the technology of the golden age of gaming, they’ll never experience the pure thrill of entering an arcade and testing your skills against your peers. If you’re in a battle of gaming stories with your children or their friends, consider the most popular games of all-time. Let’s put our quarters down on our favorite machines and take a look at the best-selling games in the history of arcade machines.

Pac-Man – It’s no surprise that when you bring up arcade machines to a non-gamer, they most likely respond with something along the lines of, “you mean like Pac-Man?” The truth is that Pac-Man is synonymous with arcade games. The game was an instant sensation from the start of 1980. It led to Ms Pac-Man just three years later. There have been movies based on the game as well as countless prized memorabilia.  The game sold more than 400,000 units worldwide.

Space Invaders – The only game that rivals Pac-Man in terms of influence and sheer sales numbers is Space Invaders. Space Invaders debuted in 1978 and was revolutionary in its time. While the game had a simple concept, there was nothing like it at the time it debuted. It led to several sequels and it helped start the golden age of Arcade games. More than 360,000 hard units were sold worldwide. After Pac-Man, only Space Invaders has endured as a worldwide phenomenon.

Donkey Kong – The third and final game in our list of the best-selling arcade machines of all time is Donkey Kong. 132,000 units were sold worldwide. You can see the huge drop off from Space Invaders and Pac-Man, but the third game on our list helped launch arguably the most important video game character of all-time: Mario. Donkey Kong helped inspire a new generation of gaming and eventually led to Nintendo being the powerhouse brand that it is today.

When it comes to arcade machines, the three machines above set the stage for the games children play today. No matter what type of gaming system you now love, these three games made them possible.

Having a Custom Arcade Machine is Like Owning a Time Machine

Arcade Machine

In the 80’s and early 90’s, American youth fell in love with arcades. Arcade culture brought about a sense of community. Everyone gathered to watch their friends try to master Donkey Kong, Centipede, Street Fighter and other classic games. Now, in the days of headsets and Internet gaming, the face-to-face interaction that happened at the arcade is all but a thing of the past. Fortunately, custom arcade machines are available that provide an instant trip to the past. These machines can elevate any man cave or game room. They’re conversation pieces that instantly transport all guests to their youth.

If you’re considering adding a custom arcade machine to your man cave or game room, there are a number of other items that can be added on a budget that will truly transport anyone who enters. The first is a custom paint job. There are countless options on Pinterest for different games inspired backlashes. For instance, all it takes is a little white paint to replicate the dots from Pac-Man. There are also plenty of stickers that are inspired by classic games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Brothers.

Classic arcade marquees are relatively easy to find online. It’s easy to match the games you can play on your custom arcade machine to the decals on you will place on your wall. These rectangular marquees can be positioned in a number of different ways that truly highlight the fun of the games. Your guests are sure to be “wowed” by jumping back into time with these wonderful signs.

Every great game room is full of snacks. There are two different snacks that are synonymous with arcade culture. The first is candy. Fortunately, a lot of the most popular candies of the arcade era remain the popular candies of today. You can purchase a candy machine that requires quarters, especially if you need to limit your calories, or you can find one that simply allows your guests to help themselves.  The second snack is popcorn. Owning a popcorn machine is obviously great for the arcade atmosphere, but it also quickly enhances any family movie night!

If you long for the days of leaving a quarter on an arcade machine, treat yourself to a custom arcade machine and surround your system with other memories of the golden age of gaming. Your guests are sure to be just as excited as you will be.